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Who We Are

Lage Real Estate is a locally owned Real Estate Management company based out of St. Charles, MO. The company was formed by purchasing single family long term residential homes, and has since expanded vacation rental properties, mixed use commercial, and long term residential properties. The company has grown significantly since the start of 2021 and is planning to open many more short term rental properties before the end of 2024.

Meet the Stay Lage Family!


Jeffrey Lage

In July 2013, my real estate journey began in Cape Girardeau, MO, where I acquired a quaint 4-bedroom house near SEMO University for $75,000. Over the next year, I acquired 2 more homes, followed by 6 more the following year, and then 11 more the next, taking an aggressive leveraging approach to acquire more homes. A new chapter unfolded in 2016 when I relocated to St. Louis, MO. Here, I diversified my acquisition strategies, employing methods like 'contract for deed,' lease purchase, traditional financing, and equity-based purchases. This aggressive approach was working out well for me, and in 2019, I ventured into the world of short-term and vacation rentals, spurred by the unexpected success of a 300-square-foot unit I rehabbed in St. Charles, MO. Then the Covid pandemic shifted the landscape, and I pivoted towards mixed-use properties in prime locations like Main Street St. Charles. This avenue harmoniously merged my passion for history with my real estate interests, allowing me to play a part in preserving historical architecture while maximizing its economic potential. By the close of 2021, my expertise in managing short-term rentals opened another avenue. After successfully managing a friend’s rental, word spread, and our property management arm took shape. At Lage Real Estate Management, we pride ourselves on data-driven performance evaluations, holding ourselves accountable and refining our strategies based on market trends. I am empowered and motivated by relationships, and I want to find ways for the win-win. Including when I buy real estate. Most people don't treat real estate as a relationship, but it is.And when you care how the other person wins too, they tend to help make certain you do as well. That mindset is how I continue to get deals today, solid referrals and network and honoring your word. I am so proud of the culture we have built at Lage Real Estate Management. We have really unbelievable people who I care about deeply and I want to see their success in life and work. I honestly and sincerely love everyone on my team with me. If our growth just stopped today, I would be forever appreciative of the people I am surrounded by. I am incredibly blessed to have my unbelievable family. My wife Stephanie is a Kindergarten Teacher at Parkway Schools and is my rock everyday. She holds me accountable, reminds me of my 'why' and makes certain I always work within our morals and ethics. My oldest son Kaden has grown tremendously and has shown an amazing work ethic, deep intelligence, and strong moral integrity. My daughter Adelyn is my twin, in every way. Creative and hard working, everyone's best friend, and unbelievably kind natured. And my youngest son Wally (named for my late father) is the life of the party while being incredibly charming. He is the sweetest little boy! I am the luckiest guy on the planet. I have a wonderful, supportive family and this job gives me the ability to keep them the priority. And everyday, I get to work in an environment that I got to create. It's incredibly special to build a place where you want to work and spend your time and energy.


Emily Wolf

Executive Assistant and Administration


I am Emily Wolf, a wife, mother of five, teacher, and registered nurse. Currently, I work as an administrative assistant at Lage Real Estate, where I engage in various tasks and projects that require organization and coordination. With my extensive background and experience as a busy mother and professional, I have honed my skills in multitasking and managing multiple responsibilities effectively. This has enabled me to excel in my role by finding creative and efficient ways to accomplish tasks and meet deadlines. I believe that my diverse background and ability to juggle numerous hats and schedules have prepared me well for this position. As a teacher, I have developed strong communication and adaptability skills, while my experience as a nurse has sharpened my problem-solving abilities and attention to detail. Moreover, being a mother of five has further strengthened my time management and prioritization skills. I am grateful for the valuable strengths I bring to my role and strive to provide exceptional support to the team at Lage Real Estate.


Tony Boren

My name is Tony Boren. I've worked as an accountant for the past 14 years. The majority of this time was spent at Southeast Hospital in Cape Girardeau. I've worked with Lage Real Estate since March and I've focused my time addressing accounting policy and procedures, payroll, and investment forecasting. I've enjoyed the challenge of this position so far and am excited to see what we can accomplish together.


Katherine Meyer

Communications Director


I am a part of our communications team and coordinator of our guest's experience. My goal is for all of our guests to feel at home and comfortable by putting their needs first while enjoying their stay. I am honored to assist in any way for our guests to have a fond memory while they are "staying-lage" If I'm not assisting the team, you can find me indulging at a new restaurant with my partner in life, Cole. Or at home with a glass of wine catching up on Bravo with my puppy dog, Norma Jean. I'm very excited to be a part of the StayLage journey! Looking forward to being a part of the growth within the community and within the company.


Lauren Becker


Sam Weber

Head of Maintenance


I was born and raised in Saint Charles City, Missouri's original first Capital. I was recently married to a amazing teacher. We got hitched in the mountains of Zion National Park, Utah. I love everything outdoors. I love that our company is growing fast and active with our friends and family, we have a amazing community and im looking forward to the growth of both our great community and Lage Realestate Management.


Avery Godwin

Head of Housekeeping



Blake Rogenhofer

Blake Rogenhofer 23 year old college graduate from Lindenwood university (bachelors degree) also a four your starter on the football team. I recently spend most of my free hanging out with my two month old baby girl and her beautiful mother. I love sports, being active and spending time with my friends and family. Here at Lage Realestate management I am a logistics coordinator. I am responsible for overseeing all aspects of supply chain management… this includes managing furniture/supply orders, coordinating with design layout, assembling furniture and more… I feel that I am the best person for this job because I take a lot of pride in my work, I have great organization skills and I pay close attention to details. Having these skills makes it easier prioritize/recognize workloads and manage multiple tasks at once. I’m a hands on guy, like to stay busy and always strive to do each job to the best of my ability. *customer service *team player *leadership *communication skills *travel with company *family man

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