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What We Do


We believe that real estate is an investment like any other, and you should be evaluating your real estate portfolio constantly to make certain it aligns with where you are in your life along with your risk tolerance. The first thing we do is build out a real estate profile for you and analyze where you are today. This is an entirely free service for our clients.


Bringing active real estate income in a passive expierence is our entire business vision for owners. We have been able to achieve this through our management arm of the company, delivering you monthly payouts and remote access to your property, without you ever needing to be there.


Have you ever come across a house and envisioned it as the perfect rental property, but felt overwhelmed by the thought of the extensive work required to transform it into a successful Short-Term Rental? Well, worry no more! We specialize in handling all the necessary steps to bring your vision to life.


We can create an entire design plan for your property to make it vacation rental ready


Let StayLage Take Care of you


We can help you manage your property we take care of everything from filling your calendar to paying your taxes and everything in between


Not every property is ready to be put on the short term rental market and we can help with that. We can help with as little as stocking the property to putting in new floors and everything in between


We can coach anyone from the most experienced owner to someone who would like to dip their toe in being an owner


Our difference is that this company was built from an investors expierence and designed to help property owners achieve a serviced real estate investment


We build projections and pricing based on comparable sets for every property. We start this comparing a property to the general region of similar sized properties with similar marketing components. Then, depending on pacing and bookings, we narrow down the comparable set to the properties we most compare to. From there, our job is to set the pace and determine our pricing based on their booking and pacing, we no longer care about the trend to the market, but rather the trend compared to our most reasonable neighbors.

Every property owner is at a different place in life. From young and aggressive with X assets and Y liabilities and Z risk tolerance, to more mature with a different set of risks, liabilities and tolerances. We are all in our pace in life, and our real estate investments should be working for us to fit our profile. We always start every real estate relationship, understanding your profile and story.

Not every property should be a short term rental, and not every property is in the life cycle where it should be leveraged or hurried along either. Every real estate asset should perform a function for you, the owner, in a way that is best serving your place in life. It's important that you are finding assets that service that fit, and that your current assets are achieving that for you.

Our company was built by a real estate investor first. Property Management companies are terrible at their jobs (inherently), and it's largely because the goals are not mutually aligned. A lot of management companies make as much as 50% of their revenues from fees! This company was built on the premise of mutually aligning the goals and delivering true transparency to processes and fee structure. We only charge based on base rate, and that is because we want your performance to align with ours. It comes down to the payout in the end, along with accountability and transparency. Everything we have designed and built is with the expectation that we can deliver all three of those consistently. Every clean and work order is inspected with time stamped photos, every reservation and payout are detailed, and we overly share our pricing strategies and pacing so you know how your property is performing going forward. By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from Lage Real Estate for the purpose of communicating community news, urgent notifications, and events. Reply STOP to opt-out anytime or reply “HELP” for more information. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency will vary. For more information, please read our https://www.staylage.com/terms-of-service/ and https://www.staylage.com/privacy-policy-2/.

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Our vision is to bring active real estate income to a passive expierence.
We understand that owning real estate, traditionally means you are either incredibly involved and it becomes part of your lifestyle, or you are very passive and make very little with no clear guidance and dialogue along the way.
Our job is to help you navigate real estate in a way that benefits your life and lifestyle and allows you to remain focused on the other aspects of your life where your attention is more needed.